We’re Open on Valentine’s Day!

Feb 12th 2014

Authored on February 12, 2014 by Colts Chocolates


Open on Valentine’s Day!

Is it a crime for a chocolate store to not be open on Valentine’s day? 

I say YES!

Our regular hours are Monday – Thursday and Saturday. But, for the first time…

We will be open this Friday, February 14, 2014!


Valentines Day Candy…because it is Valentine’s Day. We want to help all those last minute gifters. All the husbands, boyfriends (you are notorious last minute shoppers and you know it!) …all wives, girlfriends, friends, sons, daughters, employees (for your boss of course) and anyone who must have chocolate on this sacred day that celebrates LOVE… you must have the only thing that truly defines Valentine’s Day… CHOCOLATE. We are here for you. If you live in Nashville or any of the surrounding areas, or are just passin’ thru, you are so lucky! Please come to our charming little store to choose from the very best chocolate in the world. We make everything right here on site, fresh every day.  So now here are the special hours we will be open on Valentine’s Day:

12:00 – 5:00


Do not show up with only flowers and diamonds on this day. No gift is complete without chocolate. But chocolate alone is complete. So now you are a hero to your sweetheart.  You are welcome.