Mother’s Day

Apr 30th 2014

May 11 is almost here. Your Mother deserves the best…

So, read below about how I dedicated this chocolate to my own Mother,

Myrtle Marie McGhee

The perfect gift for a day dedicated to YOUR Mother,




Marie McGhee Bumble Bees

Many years ago, I decided to make this chocolate a bit different by salting the caramel and roasting the pecans. I knew I had to name the product and design the packaging in a way that shares a warm, familiar feeling when you look at it on the shelf, but is also unique. Something that separates it from the other chocolates in the world. What better way than to name it after my Mother.

Someday I’ll share a little about her…how she was warm and familiar and unique. For now though…I’ll just share her name. 


Happy Mother’s Day!