Chocolate Winter WonderOffer!

Jan 9th 2014

Authored on January 9, 2013 by Colts Chocolates

Do you love chocolate with salted caramel and pecans but don’t like the cost of shipping?  Or maybe you want to buy more chocolate but are afraid the shipping will cost too much. 

Well we can solve that problem for you.  You can have whatever we make in any combination and save 10%!

Most people don't know this, but shipping is expensive if you buy only one item. Let's say you buy a gift box of Marie McGhee's Bumble Bees and the shipping is $9.00 (depending on where you live). If you add something else to your order, let's say a Bella Bark, the shipping goes up maybe an additional $1- $2. See what happens? You can ship 2 items for a tiny bit more than 1 item. Your cost per item goes way down. If you order 3 items, then the cost per item goes way down again. See what I mean? So my advice to you to save on shipping is to order 2 or more items from our website. I like this idea so much that I am giving a 10% discount for anyone who orders 2 or more items. So you save on the shipping AND you get rewarded with a special discount! All day every day. We're looking out for you at Colts Chocolates!

It’s Marshmallow Month on our website!

Place any order on our website in January, and we’ll include a 1 FREE bag of MINT Mighty Marshmallows (Dark Chocolate)!

Thanks to the folks who emailed us about microwaves not heating from the inside out…You would think our fearless leader would know that…maybe she was just checking to see if you were paying attention!  We’re happy you read her little story.