ABC’s “Nashville” Loves Colts Chocolates!

Jan 15th 2014

Authored on January 14, 2014 by Colts Chocolates

Today was a super exciting day at Colts Chocolates. This morning, Shayla, our newest team member was looking out the window and noticed a photo shoot happening. A very special photo shoot. Chaley Rose and Sam Palladio, stars of the ABC hit show “Nashville” were right outside our building! Screams and shouts ensued and Mackenzie said, “Hurry, take them some chocolate! Give them some Bolts!” You should know that Shayla and Adrienne (the real person in charge of Colts Chocolates) are huge fans of this TV show.

By the time we gathered our wits (and chocolate) the stars were heading down the street; Shayla ran after them trying not to appear “stalker-like” and found them around the corner. She introduced herself (remember, HUGE fan) and told them about our company. They had no idea the building they’d been shooting in front of was Colts Chocolates! Sam Pallidio, being from England, had never heard of the Hee Haw TV show (which our owner was on for many years) or Colts Chocolates (we won’t hold it against him), but Chaley and Adrien Saporiti who’s the owner/designer of DCXV Industries, sure had. Chaley was kind enough to share memories of watching Hee Haw as a little girl with her papaw while Adrien explained to Sam about Hee Haw. Shayla told them Mackenzie’s story and that of Colts Chocolates. Of course, the chocolates we shared with them were our famous Colts Bolts and Chaley had no problem testing one out. After taking her first bite she said, “Oh my God, what did you just get me into?!” And after trying our Colts Bolts, we don’t think Sam will forget about us anytime soon. It was a super fun experience and we’re glad we got to share our chocolates and make some new friends along the way! Here’s a pic of Shayla with the two stars. Yes, she even got them to pose for a photo! Thank you guys. 

We LOVE Nashville! (The TV show and the city!)